How we work

“Data is generated at an unprecedented pace – the winners of the future will be the organisations able to utilise the value of all this data”


At Devoteam, we live, eat, breathe the digital lifestyle and love to share our excitement in regards to intelligence-centred technology. Being a large company, we still retain an entrepreneurial mindset while leveraging on our massive delivery capabilities. Despite bearing the ability to accompany clients throughout the process of bridging the need for disruptive change we keep pace at maintaining the businesses continuity, thus constantly yielding business value across incremental and disruptive change.

The way we work is straightforward and solution-driven. Our team consists of an healthy active internal professional group specifically around AI that strives for simple and understandable solutions and at the same time being able to transition minimal viable solutions from the lab to production. Lastly, to keep our quality standards at a high level, we perform reviews within our international expert community on deliverables.

Who we are?

  • One company with 400 AI/ML experts, distributed across Europe & Middle East
  • We retain an entrepreneurial mind-set combined with delivery capabilities of a large company

Why work with us?

  • Devoteam has a vibrant international AI community – We live, eat, breathe the digital lifestyle and bring the excitement across

How we work?

  • We aspire to keep things easy, even when using complex technology
  • We manage our own quality – for example we do internal international reviews
  • Consistent approach across geography