Who we are

AI is changing the way we work and how we live our lives. At Devoteam we feel that it is an exciting time to work in the area. Data is generated at an unprecedented pace, the winners of the future will be the organisations able to utilise the value of all this data. The AI group within Devoteam is an international community of highly skilled experts. Across Europe and the Middle East we have experts with experience in helping clients on their path to becoming more data-driven by leveraging AI. We take great pride in keeping our skill-set up-to-date and support each other across borders.

About Devoteam

With 5,200 professionals working at the forefront of digital systems and present in 17 countries, Devoteam is expert in providing technology to improve business performance.

We shape technology for people

Transformation has been in our DNA from day one, it’s not simply hype that we have decided to surf opportunistically. We use this ability to help our customers win their digital battle.

Technology will continue to transform the way we work and live and it will continue to raise many questions about both opportunities and challenges. At Devoteam, we truly believe that these innovations are a force for positive change. Change allows us to bring great benefits to businesses and people.

Over the last 20 years we have helped our clients benefit from technological opportunities to transform their assets & activities:

  • Interconnecting networks, data centres & now the cloud to build global IT infrastructures
  • Turning cost driven IT departments into agile, service oriented enablers serving business needs
  • Rethinking processes to optimize operational efficiency while at the same time building great user experiences for consumers & employees.

Now, it is all about Digital Transformation. And as always, we put People at the heart of what we do.

Devoteam’s charter of values

At Devoteam, we are Digital Transformakers, we deliver innovative technology consulting for business.

With the entire global economy facing the huge challenges of the third industrial revolution, Devoteam has the incredible opportunity to give its clients the means to win their digital battle.

In this context, and to ensure our sustainable performance, it is essential that our business vision is based on the human values reflected in our company charter: Respect, Frankness, Passion.


1. Treat people you are working with as you want to be treated yourself.
2. Be professional in your daily work and fulfil commitments.
3. Consider that your colleagues’ time and work are as valuable as yours.
4. Integrate new people in teams and make our guests feel welcome.
5. Feel responsible for Devoteam’s resources.


1. Bring value and new ideas, and share knowledge.
2. Be proud of your teams, your work, and the customer value you deliver.
3. Always act to protect, encourage and strenghten long term relationships.
4. See an opportunity in any change.
5. Help to develop Devoteam.


1. Give all relevant information to your teams, colleagues, and managers to offer the best view of the situation you are involved in.
2. Improve, don’t just criticize. In front of an issue, give always at least one suggestion.
3. Tell what is best, highlights risks, and say if you are not qualified for a task.
4. Learn and share from positive and negative experiences.
5. Manage internal issues, not to let them impact negatively on our efficiency.